The Importance of Aftercare After Detox

The goal of every addiction treatment or detox program is to build a drug-free and alcohol-free life. The detox program teaches coping skills and provides a supportive environment to maintain a life of sustainable sobriety.
Aftercare is a huge component of every detox or addiction treatment program. It is easy to stay sober in a facility that provides support and guidance of staff and peers every step of the way to live a clean life. However, the true test begins once you graduate from the program and returns to normal life.

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What is Aftercare After Detox Important?

The drug or alcohol detox is usually the first step in the road to recovery that begins with the safe removal of all the addictive substances from the body. After the initial detox, the client is transitioned into an in-house rehabilitation program where they are provided a solid foundation to build their life around with treatment and education. Aftercare after detox is a step down that follows once the patient successfully finishes the in-patient rehab program at a higher level.

According to the latest statistics, the prevalence of substance abuse in the US is 10% (1). Even with treatment, the risk of relapse is as high as 60% (2). However, data indicates that aftercare programs can reduce the risk of relapse significantly (3)

Data suggests that the risk of relapse is much higher if patients are released after the in-patient rehabilitation without any intermediate aftercare program that provides ongoing support and guidance to such individuals. It is important to ease the client’s transition from a highly supervised and intense environment to a more independent yet structured living. The goal is to support the individual during their early recovery with continued clinical and counseling services and minimize the risk of relapse.

It is crucial to keep in mind that a detox program doesn’t cure addiction. Aftercare therapy aims to provide meaningful tools, structured guidance, and ongoing support to prevent relapse, one day at a time.

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