Gender Specific Therapy

What is Gender-Specific Therapy?

Simply put, it keeps the genders segregated into different environments and separate programs. This type of therapy creates a setting that is much more conducive to healing for some people and allows for less distraction during treatment.

Gender-specific therapy is a program tailored to the needs of men and women separately who are suffering from alcohol and substance abuse. This form of therapy aims to help develop a positive self-image and create an environment where they express themselves safely.

Treatment Services

A typical gender-specific program will involve group therapy, individual counseling, and family education. The group sessions are designed to build confidence and give each gender a safe place to talk about their experiences with addiction. Individual counseling is used to address any specific issues that may be contributing to their substance abuse problem. Finally, the family education component helps parents learn how best to support their son or daughter in recovery without enabling their behavior or relapse back into addiction.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Therapy

  • Fewer Distractions: Mixing members of the opposite sex can be chaotic. This is because of the natural attraction between the sexes. This attraction may shift their focus from making a full recovery to pursuing their interests from the other gender.
  • Easy Relations: Addicts of the same gender can share information and relate with each other easily. Their struggles are the same, and whatever they discuss in therapies will apply to all of them. Mixing genders may create a situation where addicts cannot relate because they do not have shared experiences or choose not to be open because of insecurities.
  • Concentration on Gender-Specific Issues: Gender-specific treatment allows professionals to focus only on gender-specific issues. For instance, in a group session for women, the professional can focus on matters touching on motherhood and addiction without alienating another program member.

All People Experience Life And Addiction In Different Ways.

People who become addicted share similar needs and experiences. But everyone is unique. For the same reason that many treatment centers are now offering individualized treatment programs, many are offering gender-specific programs as well. Men and women are both at risk of becoming dependent or addicted to drugs and alcohol, but there are some significant differences.

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