Our Staff

Bill Del Riego and Michelle Ruben - Owners

Bill and Michelle didn’t know when they started this endeavor in early 2021 that they were building their dream of owning a medical detox and, more importantly, to offer the dream of recreating your life to those they treat there.

Michelle herself has been in recovery since 2004 and has always been passionate about helping others achieve their own sobriety through her unyielding commitment to step work, AA meetings, and a variety of other related programs. So, when the opportunity presented itself for the married duo to own and operate their own detox, they immediately jumped onboard. Bill quit a successful career in IT to take on the role of President and CEO, while Michelle scaled back the hours spent building her highly sought after interior design firm (http://michelleruben.com) to help build HB Treatment Center and make it into the world class facility it is today.

Bill and Michelle truly care about their clients, which is illustrated by their hands-on approach. Their genuine commitment and care set them apart from others in the industry. Bill can be found at the facility all day every day, interacting with clients and staff alike, while bringing to life the vision they share for HBTC. While Michelle spends most of her time taking clients to meetings, helping with step work and, of course, making sure the facility always looks picture perfect. With plans to expand to multiple facilities in 2023, they hope to support as many clients as possible in creating healthy lifestyles and bright futures.

Kat Guardado - Program Director

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Dr. Eileen Johnson Psy.D., AMFT- Clinical Therapist

Eileen  has been a practicing therapist  since 2001. She has an MA in both Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy and completed her Psy.D. in 2018. Eileen has specialties in child development, birth order theory, parenting, couple relationships, trauma, domestic violence, eating disorders, and has done extensive work and research in the field of addiction. She is able to built rapport and establish sound treatment plans for clients who are in residential levels of care, while curating healthy coping skills to help maintain long term sobriety. For the past 6 years Eileen has worked in both individual treatment and facilitating mental health and addiction groups throughout Orange County.   When she isn’t working, Eileen enjoys skiing, running triathlons, coaching soccer, doing yoga, going to rock concerts, and trying to surf on her longboard.

Dr. Warren Taff - Medical Director

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Dr. Moses Morar - Onsite Doctor

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Dr. Patrick Singer - Clinical Director

Shortly after obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Management and Human Resources at California State Polytechnic University, Patrick started working in the recovery field. He began as a House Manager and driver, but then became a Certified Addiction Specialist at the C.A.A.R.R. Institute (2003). After working as a Case Manager, his leadership skills led to opportunities as a Program Director, however his passion is working with individuals and their families, so he obtained his Master of Social Work from California State University, Long Beach. After becoming licensed, Patrick received training in Attachment-Based Family Therapy through Drexel University. Patrick is dedicated to empowering clients and their families through his eclectic approach to therapy.  

Robert Karlson -Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

Robert Karlsson is a clinical nutritionist and health care consultant who works with local schools, community centers, and substance abuse recovery centers across Southern California. Over the past decade, his fascination with nutritional deficiencies led him to focus on depletion caused by poor diet and toxic states that prevented the body from healing or performing optimally. His techniques for healing and restoring health are easily integrated into an array of medical treatment programs.

Robert’s primary mentor was Dr. Frank Varese, M.D., a pioneer in longevity medicine who devoted his practice to finding health and wellness solutions for patients who could not find the answers they needed from their regular doctors. John was fortunate to work with Dr.Varese for six years.

Jake West - Admissions Director

Jake has worked in the behavioral health field for over 3 years. He has held a number of treatment roles where he worked directly with patients. Jake has worked with many patient populations including adolescents, adults, unhoused people, and veterans. In 2023, Jake transitioned into admissions-focused roles because he saw it as an opportunity to play a larger part in recovery by connecting more people with effective substance use treatment. Jake was drawn to this work out of a desire to help people. He says playing a small, positive role in an individual’s recovery is what he finds most rewarding about his job. Jake was raised in South Texas. He grew up playing baseball and enjoys the team mentality that comes with his work now. In his free time, Jake enjoys video games, movies, scuba diving, and spending time with family.

Kerry Donovan - Case Manager

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Brian Poole - Lead Tech

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