Our Staff

Bill Del Riego and Michelle Ruben - Owners

The dream of owning and operating a medical detox facility became a reality for Bill and Michelle in the winter of 2021. Michelle, herself, has been in recovery since 2004 and has always been passionate about helping others through her unyielding commitment to step work, AA meetings, and a variety of other programs designed to help people achieve their own sobriety. So, when the opportunity presented itself for the married duo to own and operate their own facility, they knew right away it was the chance of a lifetime and immediately jumped onboard. Bill left a successful career in IT to take on the role of President and CEO, while Michelle throttled back the hours spent building her own interior design firm to help build HB Treatment Center into the world class brand it is today.

Bill and Michelle have a hands-on style that distinguishes them from others in the industry. Bill can be found at the facility all day every day interacting with clients and staff alike, while implementing the vision they share for HBTC. While Michelle spends most of her time taking clients to meetings and running group therapy session and, of course, making sure the facility always looks “photo-ready”. The future looks bright for the couple and the company, with plans to expand to multiple facilities in 2022

Sean Farrell - Program Director

Sean has been working in the field of addiction treatment for over 5 years and is a certified addiction treatment counselor and life coach. He owns his own small business and is a student, father, husband, and co-founder of a small farm animal rescue. He has been able to use his experience of growing up on the streets as a child, incarceration as an adult and overcoming addiction personally to help others shift their perspectives and develop healthy habits that will support contented sobriety. Sean’s passions in life center on helping others but his personal passions are physical fitness, reading, connecting with nature and holotropic breathwork.

HB Treatment Center manager Sean

Gregory Davenport - Clinical Director

Gregory Davenport works as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Substance Abuse Professional. He received his Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and his Master of Science in Addiction Counseling. He is currently working on his Doctorate in Psychology. Gregory has extensive experience in substance abuse, supporting clients in restoring their emotional well-being, developing coping skills, exploring healthy relationships, and re-establishing balance in their life for the past seven years. He uses an eclectic approach, however, the theoretical frameworks that most define him professionally combine unconditional positive regard, spiritual/faith-based and cognitive-behavioral theory.  His style is pragmatic, professional, down-to-earth, and based upon professional and personal-life experiences.  He has a unique ability to therapeutically join with clients which is partly due to his personality, style, and vernacular.

HB Treatment Center staff member

Nicole Loukes - Primary Therapist

Nicole specializes in addiction and mental health because she has a passion to share the messages and secrets of healing with others. She personally knows the struggles of healing with addiction, mental health, and trauma as she too is on the healing journey. 

Nicole finds reward in seeing people’s light shine again when they come out of the deep dark places. Nicole believes the healing work is all about helping individuals make new discoveries, a space to heal on their own, and to see what has been unseen before. Nicole is also a firm believer that trauma and addiction go hand and hand. A lot of times clients are unaware of that early in their recovery, and they have been using substances to cope for years. She is driven to teach her clients about the Mind Body connection by the teaching and exploring of somatics, negative thoughts, unconventional coping skills, i.e. such as breathworks, and by exploring safety and it’s meaning within themselves. Seeing other people’s light shine again and finding themselves is the fuel to why she does this healing work.

Huntington Beach Rehab Center Staff Member Nicole

Robert Karlson -Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

Robert Karlsson is a clinical nutritionist and health care consultant who works with local schools, community centers, and substance abuse recovery centers across Southern California. Over the past decade, his fascination with nutritional deficiencies led him to focus on depletion caused by poor diet and toxic states that prevented the body from healing or performing optimally. His techniques for healing and restoring health are easily integrated into an array of medical treatment programs.

Robert’s primary mentor was Dr. Frank Varese, M.D., a pioneer in longevity medicine who devoted his practice to finding health and wellness solutions for patients who could not find the answers they needed from their regular doctors. John was fortunate to work with Dr.Varese for six years.